PT Pugajinou
PT Pugajinou (International Consultants)
Jakarta, Indonesia
Period Augus 2009 - present
Position Director of Environment Sector
Employer PT Pugajinou (International Consultants)
Supervisor Dr Danker Schaareman
Director Coordination

Job description/ToR

Lead the environmental services section: environmental assessment and impact analysis; environmental policy studies and development, analysis and reform; forestry and reforestation; Geographic Information Systems (GIS); conservation and management of biodiversity; community-based natural resources management; coastal and marine resources management; water and soil conservation; water supply management; watershed management; land use analysis and spatial planning; non-timber forest product development and marketing; green energy and alternative energy resource development; issues of Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD) / carbon trading.

Reason for leaving Ongoing

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